“Nothing” banned

 As long as parents have been sending their kids off to school, they have been asking the same question when those children get home. The children, tired after a long day and ready for their minds to take 5, can’t remember a thing.


“What did you learn in school today, Honey?”

“Nothin’ really. Can I have a snack?”


I know a good amount of what my children learned today because I taught all three of them at the dining room table and on the sofa in the den, but I occasionally find myself setting aside certain papers or drawing attention to certain bits of new knowledge in the hopes that their father might ask about the school day and that they might be prepared.

I’m convinced that we should all be able to easily learn something new everyday, not just our school children. This is my attempt at answering that challenge for myself.

Simply. Nothing big. No 3 page long entries. I just want to acknowledge each day that I have acquired some new tidbit or major revelation, whatever the case may be. It could be anything, but “Nothing” is  banned.


4 Responses to “Nothing” banned

  1. Now that is cool! I will stay tuned!

  2. Oh! Thank you! I’m looking forward to it.

  3. I am looking forward to reading more more on What did you learn in school today!
    In addition, I like your book recommendations – we’ll have to check some of them out.

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to recording it, but it is a little harder than I expected. If you head over to the Rabbit Room to check out A.S. Peterson, you might want to take a look at Andrew Peterson, his brother, as well.


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