Remote Control

There exists an indulgent device which allows one to turn on her outdoor Christmas lights from the cozy warmth of her living room!

I’m sure that the vast majority of Americans already knew this, but my family has never been one to put up outdoor lights, so an entire market is completely unknown to me.

This year we have decided to put up a tree on our side porch. Unfortunately the door to this porch from indoors is locked, and the key has probably been eaten by a goblin or some creature such as those who steal away socks from the dryer. Because I am not at all interested in walking out the back door, around the corner of the house, and into the side porch through the screened door, I have purchased the remote control. How clever someone was! I am always shocked at these simple ideas that have come to be products. Of course someone would think to do this! They probably lived in the snow belt!

Well, I got one now. I can’t wait to set it up tomorrow, go inside, and click “on.”

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