It’s Working!

The apples we picked a while back are still good! 

Fuji apples

About 3 weeks ago, our family spent a Sunday afternoon at a local apple orchard picking to our hearts content. We didn’t pay attention to the sign with the pricing. We just heard 50¢ a pound. We found out later that out of the 20 or 30 varieties growing, all but 2 were just half of a dollar for each pound. Of course we chose the two varieties that were more than that. Paying attention to signs is always a good idea. I’ve been trying to teach my boys this for years.

We came home with enough apples to last through the entire winter. At least that’s what I thought walking in the door. Now we have multiple layers of multiple containers of applesauce in the freezer and we have eaten all the apples that were put in the “should be eaten soon” pile. I needed a way to keep the rest of them crispy, so the best ones were individually wrapped in paper and stored in the basement.

I needed to open those stores tonight. Let me just say that I absolutely loved the smell of those apples when I opened the box. It was a lovely thing. For the most part, they are behaving well. A couple of have become soft and a few have bad spots, but it doesn’t seem that the bad ones are contaminating the good! I’m so happy! Isn’t it great when things work out as planned?

  • Adventures in Apple Picking! (                                                   It seems that we aren’t the only ones picking apples lately.
  • Roasted Applesauce (                                                                                   This recipe sounds intriguing! I’m looking forward to trying it.
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2 Responses to It’s Working!

  1. Maybe next year, when I get to the orchard earlier, I’ll try storing my apples the way you did. Keep us updated on how they make it through the winter!


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