Catching up

It only takes one day of not posting to get out of the habit.                                               (Notice the November calendar)


There is such a thing as a screw with a square notch in the head.

Who knew?! Apparently it is called a Robertson.


In the Heights.jpgThe Broadway Musical “In the Heights”  tells of family struggles, close neighborhoods, and inevitable change with great energy.

If you get a chance you might want to see it, but only if rapping is not utterly revolting to you. If so, you should probably see Phantom of the Opera, or The Music Man, or (my favorite) The Lion King.


The brains behind the B-Dry system for basement waterproofing are pretty darn sharp. Those people can really help keep the water out.

It’s a bit more than we probably need. We simply want nice pretty walls and a floor that we can easily sweep. Maybe we should buy some white paint and put the kids to work.

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