Beer BBQ and Football

The pictures of the Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken from movita beaucoup and over at how Sweet it is helped solidify our dinner plans for Saturday night. Smoked paprika = smiles.

Starting this blog has prompted me to read other ones , and I read Freshly Pressed articles when something catches my eye. movita beaucoup’s writing and pictures about this BBQ were just too tempting to pass up. I had never heard of smoked paprika and can’t believe I have lived for 38 years without it. I should spend more time shopping the spice aisle. Dinner Saturday night was satisfying for us all. Thank you movita.

LSU takes the field at the beginning of the BC...

LSU Takes the Field

Did you know that you can buy a reservation to buy a ticket for the BCS National Championship game? Isn’t that crazy?

My husband is excited about taking Ernest to see the LSU Tigers win this year, because of course they will be in it, and of course they will win.

They now have reservations to buy tickets. If LSU is actually picked for the game, then we will be able to buy 2 tickets in a certain section of the stadium as soon as the teams are announced. The reservations weren’t cheap, but the price of the tickets will be face value. That’s a lot cheaper than you’ll be able to find anywhere else! I hope they have a great time… if they get to go.


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  1. Well, you are most welcome. Thanks for the shout out!


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