Keeping Crispy Apples


Apple Picking

I’m so glad today to find out how to keep apples fresh for as long as possible. Some of the tips include to sort them and be picky about any broken skins or bruises. Also, wrap them in newspaper so they aren’t touching each other. Then the apples can be stored in a box in our basement.

Yesterday, we all went out to a local apple orchard and picked way too many apples in way too short of a time. We also picked out some pumpkins from the patch there. I realized when we got home that I would need to make a deliberate effort at finding out how to keep all these apples fresh.

Sure, I’ll bake some of them and maybe make apple crisp, but I want most of them to be eaten just as they are. I’m not really looking forward to the work of packing them up, but it will be worth it!


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