Stand and Fall

Angel Falls - Salto del Angel

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

The highest peak in South America, Aconcagua, stands almost 7,000 ft. tall, and the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, drops over 3,000 ft.

Our studies of geography include memorizing as many points around the globe as we can fit in. This puts a map of the world in our minds, which will be valuable throughout the logic phase, the rhetoric phase, and the rest of life.

If you happen to have never heard of the logic or rhetoric phases of learning, you may have never heard of classical education. It’s what we do. I always get excited when someone else learns about it. Humor me. You might love it.

Today we finished putting together our list of points to know in South and Central America. We already knew about Aconcagua and Angel Falls, but today we learned how high they stand and fall and where exactly they can be found.

We also looked at some beautiful images online. They really are some beautiful points.

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