Mmmm Milk

A very nice tasting Alfredo sauce is just milk, parmesan, a bit of butter and garlic, and just enough flour to thicken it, if needed. It is also nice with some cream cheese in there.

I volunteer as a cook for a free community dinner several times a year. I have my usual recipe that I know and love, but this past weekend was told that I could use some pasta, fresh veggies, and cream cheese that was available. I really get nervous whenever I change the menu because I am worried that the food won’t taste good or that I won’t have it done in time.

This week was stressful, but really great. I worked with only one other lady so we were very busy. We both chopped veggies, started them roasting with some oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper, and then she got started on the Alfredo sauce while I ran around doing all the odd jobs. I never knew the sauce was that easy.

I think I’ll keep this in mind and put penne on my shopping list.


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