Double Down

Sabrina apparently takes after me in that she works to a deadline.

I didn’t even try to get a post in on time yesterday. I was working until 11:51 pm with Sabrina on a writing assignment for her history class. With a deadline of 11:55 pm set before her, I suddenly realized my daughter is very much like me.  She is very much aware of the deadline. She begins her work with just enough time to accomplish the assignment to the level of excellency that she demands of herself (which, of course, varies). Finally, she gets frustrated with herself for putting it off until the end, but is generally happy with her results. I don’t think she will ever change unless she becomes increasingly disappointed with her results or begins to receive poor marks.


The strangest thing I learned today was from this article on MSNBC.

Harold Hackett, of Prince Edward Island, has thrown over 4800 bottles into the ocean over the past 15 years and has received more than 3100 replies.

My reactions to this have been varied.

First thought: Very cool Harold! How fun to get a message like that and to get a response. More people should do this!

Immediate second thought: Wait. No. Please don’t everyone start throwing up to 200 bottles each week into the oceans. We already have enough junk there.

Next: Well, most of them were found, which means they were picked up and probably not thrown back into the ocean. I sure would like to send a message and get a response.

Finally: Forget it. It was a cute story. I don’t live near an ocean anyway, and I don’t want to toss a message in the river near my house.

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