Winter Interest

The evergreen PJM Rhododendron has green foliage in summer, but the leaves turn to a rich mahogany in fall and winter.

This is so exciting!

I spent months during the spring planning a new landscape for our front yard. We had a straight brick walkway torn out and replaced with a curving full-color bluestone one. We changed around the line of our front bed and included our dogwood into it, rounding it off with a small stacked stone fence by that tree. We also added a bed under our beautiful flowering cherry tree. This bed nestles right into the new curve in our walkway. Lastly, we planted all new shrubs and flowers.

One thing I love about living in NYS is that we are truly able to experience all 4 seasons. I wanted our landscaping to be pleasing in each of them. Keeping evergreens near the house was a key part of that plan. Because I don’t care so much for conifers, I turned to plants in the genus Rhododendron. I found a large leaf one that I like and I found that PJMs look very similar to azaleas so I chose 2 of these.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the evergreen PJMs turning a deep red! I would have flown into a major panic if I hadn’t thought it was such a beautiful color, so I just admired the deep red peeking out from the disappearing green and committed to finding out why this was happening. Evergreens aren’t supposed to change colors!

Now that I know they are doing just what they are supposed to and that I, in fact, did not get the wrong plant, I am even more excited about my landscaping!

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