Rinse and Spit

Saline solution tastes a bit saltier than I expected.

This afternoon near the end of our school day, my daughter was filling me in on the book she has been reading. A crash and loud “Ow!” came from the playroom. Within seconds Theodore walked into the kitchen holding his cheek.

Now, Theodore likes to milk his pains for all they are worth, unless they are real. Whenever he is in real pain, he seems very much in control and tends to be quiet. That one loud “Ow!” was all I heard.

He took his hand away from his cheek and looked at the blood. It wasn’t much, but he had hit the side of a desk hard enough to bite through the edge of his lip, cut the gums above three teeth, and loosen those three teeth.

For the next several days he is advised to be on a soft diet and rinse with saline solution. He is quite happy about the soft diet, but after one rinse with the saline, he proclaimed it “gross”.

The easiest way to get him to rinse without tears was for me to rinse with him. It wasn’t what I would call gross, but it was definitely saltier than I expected, especially after I found out that it is only 1/2 teaspoon salt: 1 cup water. I guess a little salt really does go a long way.

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