Christmas Cookies

Thumbprint jelly-filled shortbread cookies sure are easy.

A friend came over tonight. We had both been asked to make cookies for a bake sale at church. When asked to do something like this, you might as well have fun doing it. We decided it would be best to hang out and make them together.

I have made shortbread before, but have never made a dent in the center and filled it with jelly. Polaner All-Fruit seedless raspberry is a great choice if you ever find yourself baking shortbread and have an urge to punch the centers in with your thumb.

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Seeing as how LSU has just won the SEC Championship game, my husband is looking forward to heading to NOLA with Ernest for the BCS game in early January. They are mega (Sabrina’s favorite adjective) excited.

Sabrina and I did watch one impressive play by the “honey badger” himself while listening to Ernest’s running commentary. We mostly closed ourselves into the guest room upstairs though and watched Merlin Season 3 episodes on Netflix.

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What were you thinking?!?

I should never again ask my son, “What were you thinking?!?”

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